5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Do you want a bathroom remodel this year?

You’ll find hundreds of bathroom remodeling ideas online. The sheer number of styles might overwhelm you, but you just have to keep one thing in mind. Carefully consider what you and your family need before choosing a style.

A bathroom remodel should be able to deliver the comfort you need and make you feel calm and happy at the same time. To make sure you use this exciting opportunity the right way, we have 5 essential bathroom remodeling tips for you.

Get ready to upgrade your space the way you’ve always wanted with these helpful tips.

  1. Ventilation is important

Bathrooms are prone to dampness, and humidity gets trapped inside when the ventilation is not good. Poor ventilation can cause mold and mildew to grow, especially in hidden areas. It may lead to expensive damage.

If you don’t have sufficient ventilation in your current bathroom, be sure to include windows and exhaust fans while remodeling. If you’re considering externally vented exhaust fans, let your contractor decide the best place to install them.

  1. Improve the Lighting

While you’re doing the big renovations, remember to improve the lighting. It’ll make your bathroom feel airier and brighter. You can completely change the mood of the space with good lighting.

So, plan your bathroom remodel including enough windows to let in plenty of natural light. But you’ll also need good artificial lighting. Avoid bare bulbs and harsh light sources.

Try adding lighting in the shower instead of around it. Your showers will be more relaxing and pleasant.

  1. A bathtub is NOT Always Necessary

If you don’t take baths, there’s absolutely no need to install a bathtub. Don’t add a bathtub simply because you feel like there should be a tub in your bathroom. According to a survey, most Americans prefer showering over taking a bath.

Plus! A considerable amount of water is wasted while bathing. So, it’s better to add a large shower instead. But of course, if you’re someone who loves a relaxing bath after a long day, then you should get a luxury bathtub.

  1. Go green

Your bathrooms endure a lot of wear daily. Make sure you have the most durable materials to get the most out of bathroom remodel. They can withstand harsh chemicals and last much longer. Moreover, remodel your bathroom with the environment in mind.

Buy low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads. They’ll help you conserve water and save money too. Water-saving showerheads, faucets, and toilets usually cost the same as the traditional ones. 

  1. Make it More Functional

When you’re choosing the flooring and tiles, keep your and your family’s safety in mind. Buy small, textured shower tiles. They’ll keep your feet from slipping when the floor gets soapy and wet. Also, these tiles resist mold and stains and are easy to clean.

A typical bathroom drain pipe can clog easily, especially if there are several family members. So, consider installing 2-inch drains. They cost the same but can dramatically improve drainage in the bathrooms.

Additionally, buy toilets with hidden tanks when you’re remodeling the bathroom. Wall-mounted toilets, washbasins, racks , modern dispensers and cabinets look sleek and modern. It’ll allow you to have a more open bathroom.


Once your bathroom is remodeled, you’ll need exquisite décor and storage items that complement your style. Whether you want geometric style, vintage style, wood style, ceramic style, or any other style items, go to our online store today and get your favorite items at affordable prices.

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