Area Rugs Do’s and Don’ts

Areas rugs are an excellent choice if you want to enhance your décor or define your space. For those who don’t know what an area rug is, it’s an accent rug that doesn’t extend to the walls of a room.

Area rugs are easier to clean and replace, making them a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpet. If you’re someone who easily gets bored and wants to redecorate the space frequently, you’ll love area rugs. They are capable of changing the look and vibe of your space.

However, before buying area rugs and decorating your space with them, make sure you read the following Do’s and Don’ts.

DO Use Appropriate Size

A common mistake people make is buying an area rug is getting one too small. But keep in mind the size of your rug is very important. While large area rugs are a bit expensive. They’re still cheaper than full room carpets.

The ideal size of an area rug can be found by looking at the area of the room you’re decorating. For instance, purchase an area rug that is big enough to accommodate the furniture in the living room.

DON’T Shy Away from Color and Pattern

Area rugs offer you a great opportunity to play with various colors and patterns and have fun. Just make sure the color of the area rug complements your interior style. But if you’re buying a patterned area rug, you have to be careful.

Check the parts that will be covered by your furniture. It’s better to choose rugs with repeated patterns.

DO Leave Equal Space

It’s recommended to leave equal space on all sides of the area rug. Place the rug at the center of the room and leave about 8 to 24 inches of floor space on all sides. If your room is small, 8 inches is the ideal floor space.

However, at least 18 inches of space is left for a mid-sized room. Also, you should select the area rug after you’ve purchased your furniture.

DON’T Forget to Cover High-Traffic Areas

The area rug should cover all high-traffic areas. And honestly, isn’t it awkward when you have one foot on the floor and the other on the rug while walking?

You should also try to avoid placing your rug where accidents and spills are common. Despite being easier to clean, it’s difficult to remove stains. Plus! They can ruin your expensive rugs.

DO Extend Rugs Under Furniture

Measure your space before purchasing an area rug. Carefully select a rug that extends under the key furniture pieces. It’s particularly important in living rooms. If somehow that’s not possible. The front legs of your furniture should be on top of the area rug.

In the case of a dining room, the area rug should be large enough to accommodate the chairs as well as the table. Keep this rule in mind. Even when the chairs are pulled out, they should be on the rug.  


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