How to Decorate in Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse-style interiors are welcoming and casual. They are characterized by cozy, often slipcovered sofas, soft natural textiles, and vintage-inspired accessories and finishes.

If you’re someone who loves country farmhouses, this interior style is for you. It’s a distinctly all-American and down-to-earth style. The farmhouse interiors generally have a timeworn look, with distressed furnishings and old-school prints.

Either you want to return to the traditional style or feel the need to disconnect from today’s reality, you should definitely try the farmhouse style.

What is Farmhouse Style?

Today’s farmhouse interior design is a bit similar to the Scandinavian interior design. These interiors hold their rustic country charm but also have incorporated industrial elements and warm minimalism. The farmhouse-style interiors have become quite trendy in the past few years.

Farmhouse style homes are not matchy-matchy. However, they still look collected. The farmhouse interior design perfectly balances the refined and pastoral characteristics. Instead of being formal or stuffy, the farmhouse interiors are cozy and comfortable.

Also, the farmhouse style is very approachable, versatile, and family-friendly. You don’t even have to worry about your kids scratching the furniture. It’ll simply add to the authenticity of the worn and lived-in look of the farmhouse style.

The Basics

If you want to create a farmhouse styled interior, you should be aware of the basics.

  • Color Palette

Farmhouse style homes usually have a neutral color palette. It includes white, taupe, gray, beige, navy, and sage. Other muted colors such as yellow or aqua can also be used.

However, you may also find some pops of vibrant colors like red and teal in farmhouse interiors. Multiple finishes of wood are added along with chunky knits, linen, and grain sack as popular textures.

  • Unfinished Wood Pieces

You find sturdy furniture handcrafted from distressed wood in farmhouse style homes. Stripped or unfinished wood is the most common feature of farmhouse décor.

  • Functional Gathering Areas

The large, family-style furniture is strategically placed to create a laid-back vibe. Practical and functional gathering areas are also an important feature of farmhouse décor.

  • Open Shelving

Often, open shelving is used in farmhouse interiors to showcase necessities as well as heirloom pieces. These shelves give space for various daily use items that are presented as part of the decor. Open shelving is particularly common in farmhouse style kitchens.

  • Antique Furniture

In true farmhouse style interiors, you’ll be able to locate a few pieces of antique furniture. These interiors are a perfect place for vintage signs and antique fixtures. So, you’ll need one or two pieces of antique furniture for your farmhouse style interior.

  • Upcycling and Repurposing

Change the old into new with repurposing and upcycling. Think before discarding old pottery, wooden crates, baskets, buckets, cans, and pitchers. Repurposed items are ideal decorations when it comes to farmhouse style interiors.

 You can either paint the old goods or leave them looking a bit worn. Also, you can display coffee cans, old wine bottles, and well-worn books on open shelving and coffee tables.


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