Wood Led Clock & Wireless Charging Pad

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Sleek Wooden Design:

This is going to be one of the most delicate wooden alarm clocks you might have laid your eyes upon. it does not serve the purpose of a clock alone but also a perfect decoration piece that matches with the furniture because of the wooden construct. The clock comes with the adjustment for the brightness from a high to a low setting. Also, one can even turn off the LED light by simply clapping as it has a Sound Sensor for that purpose. This is a user-friendly alarm clock for night time to give a little glow without causing any obstruction in sleep.

Comes with Rechargeable Option:

This alarm clock is a wonder as it comes with a 12–hour battery time that is charged via a USB charging cable. No need to insert the batteries, simply plug them in. it also has the option to charge your iPhones and Samsung smartphones without a cable. Simply place the phone on top of the clock and it will start charging. A note here is that the charging of the phone will commence when the USB cable is inserted in the clock; not relying on its own charge.

Temperature Detection:

This elegant yet modern design alarm clock comes with lots of great options. It has a temperature sensor along with the clock so you can monitor the temperature of the inside. It can measure Temperatures up to -3 o Celsius.          


  • Comes in a rectangular wooden form with 14.5*7*7 cm dimensions
  • Body constructed from bamboo and tree wood with plastic back casing
  • Sound touch control for adjusting brightness
  • LED Display for Temperature and Time

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