5 Biggest Home Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you just bought a new house? Or do you want to remodel your home before selling it?

Home remodeling is a rewarding but stressful project. When redecoration is not enough, remodeling is the better option for styling your home to suit your personality. But if you’re remodeling your house prior to selling, it’ll indeed add value, and you’ll get a higher sale price.

It might be tempting to quickly jump to the fun part; painting and décor. But there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid while remodeling your house.

MISTAKE # 1: Having No End Goal

First things first, you need a plan and an end goal for your remodeling project. Define your end goal before you start to remodel your house. If you don’t have an end goal in mind, your remodeling project might end in a disaster.

Also, you should consider the condition of your neighborhood. It’ll help you understand which renovations will be unnecessary and considered overdoing it for the area, and which ones will be a good return on investment.

MISTAKE # 2: Starting Too Soon

If you have bought a new house, don’t start a remodeling project right away. Instead, take some time to explore the house and find out what changes are actually needed.

“Learn its flow; where the groceries land, where the laundry goes, how the sun hits, where are the choke points, which way the rain slants, and even get a sense of its soul,” says Bruce Irving, a renovation consultant and real estate agent from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MISTAKE # 3: Forgetting the Local Building Permits

Redecoration and renovations don’t require any permits, in most cases. But remodeling usually requires a building permit. When you’re changing the layout, removing walls, or building an addition, you have to get a permit to make the changes.

But if you’re simply replacing the countertops or refacing cabinets, you won’t need a permit. Still, it’s better to call your local government’s building to double-check.

MISTAKE # 4: Underestimating Costs

Things won’t always go the way you’ve planned. So, it’s smart to be extra careful, especially when you’re setting the budget for your project. Most jobs will take longer than expected and might cost more.

You should always add at least 20% more to the total budget for unexpected costs. But once you’ve set a budget, stick to it.

MISTAKE # 5: Not Understanding the Potential Return on Investment

If you’re remodeling a new house and plan to stay there for years, then you don’t necessarily need to do a return on investment (ROI) research. But if you want to increase the value of your home and get a high sale price, then you should do the research.

Low maintenance but good quality remodeling projects that don’t cost a lot have the highest ROI. According to HouseLogic, a mid-range kitchen remodel project will give you an estimated ROI of 81.8%.


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