DIY Home Renovation Project

Many home renovation projects are easy, and you can do them yourself. DIY home renovations are budget-friendly. But before starting a renovation project, you have to know the difference between renovation and remodeling.

If you’re not doing remodeling like changing the room layout or removing load-bearing walls, you won’t need a permit. HGTV and Pinterest make DIY renovation projects look so easy. But remember that DIY can go wrong when you attempt a project that you can’t do.

You’ll lose time, money and might even injure yourself. However, it doesn’t mean you should never attempt a renovation project yourself. You simply have to plan everything and follow the guidelines.

Make a Plan

If you can’t tackle every aspect of a renovation or a redecorating project by yourself, you don’t have to force yourself to do it. Before you start a renovation or redecorating project, make sure you have a plan.

First, make a “to-do” list by taking a look at everything that you have to do. Set a budget by including all of the costs and timeframes. When making a plan, remember to be realistic about what you can do yourself and what you can’t. 

 “It is worth it to pay someone to think strategically about the entire project,” says Alexandra Barker, the principal at Barker Freeman, an architecture firm. “You need to figure out the maximum scope of the work, break down how to phase it, and strategize.”

Materials and Repairs

Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing the renovation project yourself, it’s wise to purchase your own materials, appliances, and equipment. You can choose things like tiles, doors, cabinetry, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, etc.

However, if you want to know whether the finishes will come together or you’ve enough materials, you can talk to a contractor. Older homes usually have structural wear. Keep in mind that you can’t upgrade an older home by yourself. You’ll have to hire a structural engineer, architect, and/or contractor.

Don’t ever think that you can take a sledgehammer and remove the load-bearing walls on your own. You might be tempted to get it over with. But it might end in a disaster. 

You can certainly do light demolition on your own. Remove unwanted cabinets, fixtures, appliances, moldings, tile work, pulling up floorboards and carpeting. Also, if there’s major plumbing, gas, or electric work, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Hire a professional.


Home décor is one of the most important parts of a renovation or remodeling project. It affects everything from your self-perception to your productivity. Be sure to purchase the décor that makes you happy.

Hang art pieces that you love, buy beautiful rugs, choose your favorite paint colors, or get a new throw pillow that makes you happy. Create an interior that is warm and cozy. Décor and cosmetic changes don’t require any permit. So, you can do whatever you want to make the place your own.

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