How to Arrange Furniture?

Before you start to arrange your furniture, make sure you have a layout in mind. It’ll help you create more cohesive interiors, which also reflect your personal style.

The aim of arranging furniture is to make your interiors more aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration while arranging your furniture.

10 Simple Rules to Follow When Arranging Furniture

  1. Measure the Rooms

The first thing you should do is to measure the length and width of the rooms you’re decorating. Nothing is worse than purchasing new furniture and rugs, only to find they’re too big or too small. Knowing how much space you have to work with is critical for creating beautiful interiors.

  1. Choose a Focal Point

Focal points are powerful tools in interior design. Your rooms might already have a focal point. But if they don’t, you have to create a focal point. Once you have a focal point, arrange your furniture around it.

  1. Arrange Symmetrically

Remember that balance and symmetry are essential in decorating. Balance the furniture pieces and align them symmetrically in the room. Be sure not to group similar sized pieces to one side of the room. If you’re putting a décor item at one side, place a similar one on the opposite side as well.

  1. Create Conversation Areas

Another important decorating rule is to create conversation areas. Place the chairs and sofas close to each other to create one or more intimate sitting areas. People should be able to talk without shouting or craning their necks.

  1. Consider Traffic Flow

Also, consider the traffic flow while arranging furniture. There should be a clear path for people to walk. So, make sure they’re a few inches between the sofa and the coffee table or between the chairs.

  1. Don’t Push Your Furniture Against the Walls

Contrary to what most people believe, having a few inches between the furniture pieces and the walls actually makes the room feel bigger. Even if your rooms are small, place the furniture a few inches away from the walls. 

  1. Right-Size Rugs

I can’t stress this enough. Your rugs should have the right size. Your furniture should be placed ON the area rug. Of course, you can expose flooring around the edges. But make sure your area rug is big enough. If the back legs don’t fit, they can be placed on the floor.

  1. Artwork

When decorating the walls, you have to place the artwork, mirrors, and other sculptural objects strategically. Instead of hanging a single, tiny picture or artwork, hang a group of small pictures so that they take up more space. Also, you can hang a large piece behind the sofa.

  1. Put Tables at Arm’s Length

Remember the rule about considering traffic flow? You can also ensure that people don’t have to move from their seats to let others pass by putting the tables at an arm’s length.

Also, the coffee and side tables should be the same height or lower than the nearby chair arms or sofa seats.

  1. Lighting

Along with overhead lighting, place floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps throughout the room. It’ll add more dimension and balance to the room.

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