How to Create the Best Bedroom Layout?

Do you know that we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping? So, it’s worth investing a little time and effort in your bedroom. The right bedroom layout makes all the difference.

Got a small bedroom? No problem. What you need is a good bedroom layout. It’ll make your small and dark room feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

You have to create a perfect balance between functionality and style when it comes to your bedroom.

How to Design a Bedroom?

Your bedroom should be organized and cozy. It should be a place where you actually love spending your time. So, before your jump to décor, take a look at your bedroom.

You can use a tape measurer to find the dimensions of your room. Be sure to take the doors, closets, and windows into account. Assess all the elements starting from your bedroom’s size, its shape, windows allowing natural light, doors, and other features.

Take some time to think about all the important features and elements carefully. Once you know how much space you have, it’ll be easier to make a plan and purchase the right furniture. 

Gather Inspiration

Look at your current bedroom layout. Now, make a list of things you don’t like to make sure you avoid them in the next layout. Next, start gathering inspiration. You can find tons of stunning bedroom styles and layouts on design sites, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Narrow down your style choices, but be realistic. Don’t expect that you’ll achieve the exact same layout as the image you’ve saved.

Here is a helpful tip for you. Try to note down the specific features that catch your eye again and again. Or what style appeals to you the most. It’ll help you decide what kind of bedroom layout you want.

Identify the Focal Point

Once you’ve chosen a style, you have to identify the focal point and balance lines in your bedroom. A focal point is usually something that draws the eye instantly. It can be a window, fireplace, or some other feature.

But you can also create a focal point by hanging artwork or with an accent wall. The focal point will guide you in arranging your furniture.

The balance lines intersect the room in half vertically and horizontally. Finally, you’ll get the four quadrants that you have to balance out in terms of furniture and décor items.

Arrange Your Furniture

You should measure the dimensions of your furniture to include it in the layout. Remember that your bed should be laid out first and placed strategically according to the bedroom’s focal point.

When arranging your furniture:

  • You should use the balance lines to maintain the flow of the space. Try to avoid placing multiple pieces of heavy furniture or décor items in a single quadrant.
  • You should leave space for natural movement throughout the room.
  • You should also place rugs to define your bedroom and add comfort and luxury.

The final touches such as artwork and decor should be done after putting each piece of furniture in place.


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