How to Remodel Your Bedroom?

When you spend so much time in your bedroom, it starts to feel boring after a while. Does that mean you have to remodel your bedroom?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes, all you need is some new paint to freshen up your room. Add a new rug, hang the art you love, and rearrange your furniture. And there you go!

But if minor refreshes aren’t enough, you’ll have to remodel your bedroom. Fortunately, bedroom remodels are affordable and require only a little invasive, messy work.

You need proper planning to remodel your bedroom the way you want. Here are the steps you have to follow to remodel your bedroom:

Determine your Style

First things first, pick a style for your bedroom. Whether it’s Modern, Scandinavian, Bohemian, or any other style, pick one and stick with it. You can also save pictures of the bedrooms you like. It’ll prevent you from getting derailed, and your bedroom will look cohesive.

Choose a Color Palette

Next, choose an overall color scheme for your bedroom. You have to pick a “main” color that you’ll use throughout your bedroom. Also, pick two or more “accent” colors that will complement your main color.

For example, if you’ve selected the Scandinavian style, you can choose white or off-white as your main color, with neutral pink, soft amber, and dark green as your accent colors.

Sketch Out the Floor Plan

You need a floor plan to have a general idea of where you’ll put everything. The sketch doesn’t have to be detailed. Just make a general drawing and include the doors and windows. Also, mark the places where you’ll put your furniture.

Set a Budget

You have to set a reasonable budget for the remodel. If your bedroom requires demolition, or you have to expand your room, add new flooring, and redo your closet, make sure you include the costs in your budget. An average remodel may require around $110 per square foot.

If you want to save money, you can do the renovations and demolition yourself. But remember that you have to hire a professional to do the parts that you can’t do on your own.

Structural Work

You can do a lot of structural work by yourself. For instance, you can take out the non-load bearing walls, refinish the floors, and remove trim. But for structural changes like removing big walls and combining rooms, it’s best to hire a contractor.

After structural changes, you can put the wiring in place and rebuild the walls.

Painting and Flooring

Paint your walls with the main color. To add some fun, you can even paint one wall in your accent color. It’ll create depth. But if your room is small, it’s best to stick to brighter colors.

If you’re thinking about adding colorful or bold décor, paint your walls with neutral colors.

You can change your flooring to complement your style. To make sure flooring will last a long time, hire professional installers.

Finishing Touches

  • Add furniture to the bedroom. Either buy new furniture or repurpose and update your old furniture.
  • Pick new bedding and pillows that match your color scheme.
  • Add lighting to make your bedroom feel cozy and bright.
  • Get some comfortable chairs to create a separate sitting area.
  • Hang up artwork that matches your color palette.


Once your bedroom is remodeled, you’ll need exquisite décor items that complement your style. Whether you want geometric style, vintage style, Nordic style, or any other style items, go to our online store today and get your favorite items at affordable prices.

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