Tips for Creating a Stunning Scandinavian Interior Design

Originating from the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior design has become a popular trend today, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Top design magazines, famous blogs, Pinterest, and even on Instagram, everybody seems to be crazy about this stunning interior design.

This minimalistic style mainly focuses on simplicity and functionality. In Scandinavian design, soft hues, mixed textures, and pleasing aesthetics are used to create a cozy, elegant, and welcoming interior.

Are you thinking about creating a Scandinavian design in your home?

The task might not be as simple as it might seem at first, but we are here to help you with that. We understand that it’s not exactly easy to make the minimalistic style feel warm and cozy, but you can create a beautiful Scandinavian design by following these top tips.

Here are 7 helpful tips for creating a stunning Scandinavian interior design in your home:

  1. Light Colored Flooring

The first thing to keep in mind is that all Scandinavian interiors have light hardwood flooring. You won’t find wall-to-wall carpeting in Scandinavian design. The flooring is usually painted in white or left in the natural light color. While the bathrooms typically have heated tiles, especially during the harsh winters.

  1. Contrasts

The Scandinavian design has plenty of white, but high contrasts are a vital characteristic of this design. In all-white rooms, splashes of dark colors are used for a dramatic impact. The furniture used in Scandinavian design is often black in color, but other contrasting colors are also used.

  1. Blend of Textures

When a lot of muted colors are used, the home appears uninviting and cold. To avoid this, a blend of cozy textures or striking art and photography is used to make the home feel more welcoming. Space is filled with various styles to make it feel warm and layered. 

  1. Neutral Colors

The essential part of Scandinavian interior design is its color palette. The uncluttered and calming look is formed by mixing only four main colors; white, brown, gray, and black. However, other colors like forest green, dusty pink, pale blue, and burnt orange can also be added. 

  1. Wood and Metal Finishes

While bright colors are not used in Scandinavian interior design, the interior is made to appear bright using warm wood tones. Along with the flooring, wooden furniture is also used. To add shine and glimmer, metal finishes are also added.

  1. Plants and Fresh Flowers

Scandinavian design is influenced by nature. Hence, plants and fresh flowers are placed in multiple strategic places to add to the beauty and elegance of the Scandinavian interior. Floral elements hold great importance in Scandinavian design, and fresh flowers are often viewed as a necessity in this minimalistic style.

  1. Lighting is the Key

Lighting is the key in Scandinavian interior design as Nordic houses experience only seven hours of daylight. Proper illumination is provided by allowing more light in the space. Thus, window treatments are not common in Scandinavian design. Also, pendant lamps, wall sconces, candelabras, and candle lights are used to make the interior nice, warm, and cozy.


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