Antique Hanging Picture Frame

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Sturdy Construction With Antique Design:

This picture hanging wall frame is made from stainless steel metal to ensure that there is no rusting on the thing metal borders even after hanging for many years. This also is to ensure that the metal does not shrink or expand in heat or cold to cause the glass plates to slide off or crack. As for the 2 pieces of glass used for this frame, they are both heavy glass that is scratch proof. The geometric design allows for the frame to have a sense of vintage touch to it that suits the décor of the room.     

Multiple Uses:

This vintage frame can hold inside lots of objects as per your taste of decoration. You can choose to hang in it family photos, pressed flowers, dried leaves, posters, certificates, or artworks. This metal frame is designed in a manner that allows easier installation of anything inside it. It has a small sliding clip on its lower side. Sliding it sideways allows for the metal frame to easily open and sandwich the thing object inside it and then close it with the same ease.

Adds Vibrant Touch For The Interior Setting:

The geometric design of this metal picture fame, adds a certain sense of elegance to the decor of the interior setting. If you are going to hang this frame on a string in the middle of the room, we recommend adding two pictures back to back for an added effect.


  • Comes in two different sizes with dimensions; 60*60mm and 80*80mm
  • Steel sides made from Bronze metal
  • Picture frame made from Heavy Glass that is scratch proof
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Can be used for storing pictures, dried leaves pressed flowers, and small artworks

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful!!! I put the flowers on it.


Frames are cool, the packing is excellent, one frame was slightly oxidized, cleaned with a knife.


The parcel came quickly. To Rostov in 2 weeks. Everything is well packed, everything is whole. But the sizes of course are very small


Everything is wonderful!


Looks like good material.

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