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Entertain Your Guest With a Unique Dishware:

Oyolia presents a reusable dishware set that can serve all of the favorite foods that you serve in front of guests. All of these dishes are made from bamboo wood to not only give it a great natural look but also to offer durability for long-life use. Best of all, they are easy to wash and clean.

11-piece Bamboo Dishware Set for Dinners and Parties:

This bamboo dishware set comes as an 11-piece dinner and party set. It contains 8 rectangular dishes along with 3 round plates. This dishware can entertain guests for a small party like a couple’s date. And one thing, eating out of the wooden plates brings out a certain sense of good taste for the food being eaten.

Temperature Resistant to prevent damage:

The whole dishware set is made from natural bamboo that is naturally temperature resistant both against hot and cold temps. This means that you can serve on these plates all kinds of hot & cold food items as well as soups the plates with confidence.

BPA-free to Prevent Harming the Food:

The whole thing is BPA-free meaning that it is only made from bamboo fibers and no petroleum products; making it biodegradable and thus eco-friendly. This is so that the food served on this dishware is not contaminated or become toxic.


  • Nordic style natural Bamboo wood dishware set
  • Packaging includes 11 pieces; 8 rectangular trays of varying sizes and 3 round plates of varying sizes
  • BPA-free to prevent harming the food
  • Dishwasher safe

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