Marble Ceramic Tray

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Capture Perfect Insta Picture With Marble Vanity Tray:

The multi-functional jewelry trap, makeup tray, key tray, tea tray, perfume tray, or coffee tray can instantly uplift the aura of your interior. The chic marble tray with gold details adds an extra oomph to your modern home interiors. To achieve a luxurious look, this elegant decorative tray can make a perfect gift package for your loved ones who have just got their dream house constructed.

Timeless Design With Corrosion-Resistant and Anti-Rust Handles:

The Nordic marble texture designed ceramic tray brings a timeless element into your interiors. With an easy to maintain feature, what makes it a perfect pick for your home décor is easy cleaning with a damp cloth or wipes. The rustproof and corrosion-resistant handles of the snack tray makes an everlasting investment in one good piece of indoor décor item.

Functional Yet Fashionable Design to Complement Contemporary Interiors:

Place your essentials, perfume bottles, tea or coffee mugs, jewellery, or any decorative vases, this beautiful trinket tray looks next level stunning.


  • Available sizes for contemporary coffee tray is 35.5*16cm and 30*21cm
  • The spacious non-slip vanity tray prevents spills
  • These ceramic snack trays are multi-functional
  • The modern morning tea tray adds perfect style to your interiors
  • The timeless design of ceramic with corrosion and rust resistant handles makes it a one-time investment

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