Wall Wood Hook

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Why Hang Clothes In The Mundane, Years Old Style When You Can Get Your Hands On This Cool, Stylish, And Contemporary Wall Hanging With Hooks?

A Two In One Decorative Coat Hanger:

What may look like a leafless branch of the tree is actually a coat hanger. Comes in two variations with 6 - 8 hooks, this one is for sure a show-stealer. Something futuristic like this which serves a dual purpose of clothes hanger as well as a decor item is a very practical investment and deserves to be in your home at all costs. Not only home but you can also add this to your office or reception area for hanging coats and hats. Tell the world about your great and rich taste in home decor by including this in your space and impress the visitors.

Eco-Friendly Coat Rack:

Made of top quality bamboo, this stylish coat hanger is an eco-friendly home decor item that is something rightfully the need of the hour. We bet hanging coats would never look more stylish until you get your hands on this decorative clothes rack that can hang up to 8 coats, all thanks to this sturdy and strong wall-mounted design. Save yourself some space by switching to this space-friendly alternative of a mundane and basic coat hanger and set a new trend.


  • Made of Bamboo
  • It comes in three sizes
  • You can choose from three colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable

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