Night Light Tree

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DIY Decorative Design:

This Fairy Light Spirit Tree decoration is made from the Bonsai tree design inspiration that gives it a natural feel. The aesthetic design is sure to add vitality to your home. The branches are made so that they can be bent easily for adjusting the shape of the tree. These flexible braches can fulfill the DIY needs you have in mind.

USB Powered Fairy Spirit Tree:

This tree light is mainly powered with a USB cable and requires only 0.5 watts of electricity. Other than this, it has an option of Battery power that includes placing 3 AA Batteries allowing for you to move around this decorative light tree inside the house. a note here is to remove the plug when turning the tree on batteries.

High Quality LED light Tree Lamp:

This tree light lamp is made so by adding 108 copper wires string lights that are added integrated into its ABS base for power. LED bulbs are chosen as they do not emit heat and does not cause the branches to bend to avoid damage.         

Environmentally Friendly for Children Room and Overall Décor:

This LED light tree lamp is suitable for placing in the room of kids. The LED light from it is warm but is harmful to the eyes making it an ideal piece for children’s room.The product is mainly designed for the Foyer decoration but it is only limited to your imagination. One can place it in the garden, villa, castle settings, at a wedding, or in an office.


  • Comes in a size of an average Bonsai Tree
  • 108 LED light lamp for warm light
  • 5-watt battery-powered lamp plus optional 3 AA battery power
  • Flexible branches for DIY decoration

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very good


Compliant product. 8 days for France.


Me encanta como quedan y funcionan con un cargador usb de móvil. O con tres pilas.


Night Light Tree


Night Light Tree

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