About us

Welcome to Oyolia

Where inspiration meets practical décor, it’s time you give your home a look that will turn heads. At Oyolia, it’s understood how important it is to make your space everything you want it to be and more. With eclectic designs that will get you excited to have an at home gathering, Oyolia offers practical products with unique flare in each item. We believe all home décor deserves to be viewed as a piece of art. Our nordic styles of woods and geometric shapes allow us to showcase one-of-a-kind items to replace those fixtures and decorations that no longer serve your aesthetics. In timeless designs, Oyolia works with eco-friendly hardware and honors natural materials with each creation. While working to cultivate items with you in mind, it’s also important to us that we facilitate a brand that is accessible to people of all walks of life. With high-quality pieces at affordable prices, it’s possible to create a space that you love without hesitation. The designs featured are born from channeling what truly inspires us while still ensuring to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. There’s nothing more we want for you than to create those dream rooms you’ve always wanted. With unique pieces from Oyolia, you’ll begin to find even more reasons never to leave your house again. 

Mission Statement     

 We’re here to make your home a space that you’ll love and enjoy. As a brand, we aim to curate designs that fit seamlessly to add to your taste of home décor. In these ever-changing times, you deserve to make an environment that you and your family can be proud of every day. While making memories and connecting with the people you love, it’s important to us that you genuinely love each item you choose for any room you want to improve. As a whole we spend so much time in our homes, and it’s our commitment to customers to ensure that with each purchase, you feel confident that you made a great addition to your space. It’s also our commitment and pleasure to be able to give back with our partnerships with World Community Grid and Ecology. In our leading mission to ensure eco-friendly quality materials, each order from Oyolia plants a tree to ensure that it’s a continued effort to give back to our precious earth and stand by the side of programs that assist in making the world a better place.  







Meet The Team

Oyolia founded in early 2020 by Andreas & Angeliki. When they first started out, their passion for home products drove them to maximise the quality of Oyolias selection, so that they can offer you eco-friendly and practical products with great quality, desigh and price. They now serve costumers all over the world and are thrilled that they're able to turn their passion into business. 




“ Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. ”



Graphic Designer

“ Strive in perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it! ”