Stone Style Curtains

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Made from Quality Fabric:

These living room curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric to ensure durability and long life. These curtains come with the print of the vintage style marble pattern that adds a certain sense of elegance to the beauty of the room in which they are hanged.

These left & right bi-parting curtains are made to be Energy Smart meaning that they are insulators of heat and cold. Once hung in the house, you will see a noticeable difference in the low heating and cooling. The stitching makes it so that no heat or cold in corresponding weathers goes outside the room’s windows and doors.

Light Reducing Quality for Privacy:

These curtains are made to have close stitches, which prevent the light from penetrating through them. This offers a certain amount of privacy for what’s going on the other side. The Vintage marble print on these curtains is of varying shapes and styles like the simple golden lines inscribed on a marble piece or a mix of different color marble. All of this to let your guest know of your fine taste in home décor.

Easy to Clean:

These curtains are made so that they are safe for washing in the machine. Be sure to only wash these curtains in the cold water and tumble dry. For a better look afterward, iron the curtains.          


  • Dimensions for a single curtain piece is 107(w)*160(h)cm
  • Made from high-quality Polyester
  • Shading rating in-between 1% to 40 %
  • Marble prints for a vintage look
  • Machine washing safe in cold water

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